IMPORTANT NOTE: These are endorsements only. These speakers do not work for, or represent Thinking Matters unless otherwise stated in their bio.

Most of the following speakers have their own academic, ministry or professional association separate from Thinking Matters – but we want to endorse

them as specialists in their field to encourage others to invite them to speak at churches, youth groups, camps, small groups, campus groups, conferences

and theological colleges.

Speaking Fees: Contact the speaker directly and negotiate any speaking/writing fees and remuneration of costs. While some of these speakers may be

happy to come and speak for free (after travel & accommodation costs are met) – many simply cannot afford to do this – so please clarify your

expectations up front.

Disclaimer: These speakers do not represent Thinking Matters in all they teach or do. While we do screen them carefully for theological soundness

– it’s up to you to ensure their content aligns with your needs and expectations. Please feel free to report any concerns you might have about their content

if necessary.

We welcome recommendations for this database: If you wish to nominate a speaker for inclusion; please email us contact details along with a biography,

subject list, pastoral and speaking references and if possible links to YouTube recordings of their material

(this helps us and others evaluate their suitability).


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Brendan Malone

Director of LifeNET NZ: pro-life, bioethics, worldview & culture.

Guido Stark

On the leadership team of Reasoned Faith Wellington: Apologetics, evangelism, worldview & culture.

John Norsworthy

Board member Thinking Matters NZ: Science & Faith, General Apologetics,  
Eric George

Eric George

Our Maori & Pasifika Director: Indigenous Peoples & Christianity/Indigenous Issues, Apologetics Training, Comparative Religion.
Jason Knapp

Jason Knapp

Our National Youth Director and Youth Speaker
Todd Funk

Todd Funk

General Apologetics, Youth Groups/Camps, Churches
Bruce Fraser

Bruce Fraser

Thinking Matters Christchurch Regional Director: General Apologetics, Evangelism, Youth Ministry
Mark Powell
Dr Matthew Flannagan

Dr Matthew Flannagan

Bio-Ethics, Old Testament Ethics, Law, Critical Thinking, General Apologetics
Rodney Lake

Rodney Lake

Thinking Matters CEO & itinerant speaker on Apologetics, Culture, Worldview and Evangelism.

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