About Guido

Guido has Bachelor’s degrees in Astrophysics, Mathematics and Theology and works for a leading global software company in Wellington. He is on the leadership team of the Thinking Matters group Reasoned Faith Wellington which runs regular apologetics training for local Christians.

He frequently discusses the origins of life, the nature of God, world religions and the meaning of life with those he meets. From hundreds of conversations with people from many walks of life and spiritual understandings, he has gained experience that can encourage you to confidently articulate what you believe and invite others to question their assumptions.

Talks & Presentations

The following presentations can be delivered as independent sessions, Sunday sermons, or as a combined workshop.

An Introduction to Apologetics

What is apologetics? This brief introduction will give you an overview of what apologetics is and a taste of some of the evidence available for our Christian faith. Including hints and tips for starting God-conversations and also covering common objections that may arise, you will be pointed towards a range of resources available to help you approach these conversations with greater confidence. 

Does God Exist?
Simple arguments for the existence of God and a road map for a conversation

Engaging in a conversation about the most fundamental questions of life and being able to follow through with a reasonable argument isn’t as hard as it sounds. This presentation will provide you with a road map for conversations about the deepest questions of life and will help you effectively articulate several straightforward arguments for why God exists.

Why Christianity?
Good reasons why it’s true

Have you ever been asked why you think Christianity is true? Discover a range of evidence for Christianity and learn to confidently demonstrate solid reasons for why Christianity is true. A fun and practical session that will leave you energised to share your faith.

Engaging Well With Arguments Against Christianity

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and felt ill-equipped to respond to their challenges about Christianity? Do you fear being in those kinds of conversations? In this interactive session we’ll discuss lots of examples that will help you in everyday conversations or debates about the truth of Christianity. By using logic and reason to engage well and respond to common arguments used against Christianity, this session will help you feel more confident to successfully navigate God-conversations and ultimately lead people to truth. 

Religions of the World
Aren’t religions all the same?

As part of a multicultural society, we find ourselves living and working alongside people with different religious beliefs. We need to be increasingly skilled at understanding and navigating this difference respectfully. This overview will give you insight into the essential beliefs, practices and distinct features of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.