Scientific Evidence for God Workshop

An evening and daytime short course in Auckland, New Zealand with visiting

philosopher, scientist and best-selling author

Dr Stephen C Meyer

Dr. Stephen C. Meyer

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Join Thinking Matters at Windsor Park Baptist in Auckland for this six-part seminar series.  Dr Meyer will show how recent discoveries in cosmology, physics and biology provide compelling scientific evidence for the existence of a transcendent and intelligent Creator as the origin of life and the universe.

Dr Meyer is a dynamic, gracious and highly knowledgeable speaker with a Ph.D. in the Philosophy of Science from the University of Cambridge. He directs the Discovery Institute’s Centre for Science and Culture and has authored the New York Times best seller Darwin’s Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the Case for Intelligent Design as well as Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design, named Book of the Year by the prestigious Times (of London) Literary Supplement in 2009. Signature in the Cell BookDarwins Doubt Book


FREE Public Seminar

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7:00pm Lecture One

The History of Science and the Return of The God Hypothesis

In the opening lecture we hear the story of the Christian origin of modern science, followed by the rise of scientific materialism and the desire to explain the world in purely naturalistic terms. We then hear how the latest discoveries in cosmology, physics and biology point very decisively back toward theistic belief.  This presentation is an introduction to the ideas presented at Saturday’s workshop.

8:15pm Lecture Two

Weighing the Truth Claims of Competing Worldviews

In this second introductory talk we discuss competing truth claims in our culture – such as those about the existence or non-existence of God.  Dr. Meyer will then introduce a common sense model of reasoning that scientists, philosophers, lawyers, detectives and ordinary people use to assess competing truth claims and show how this can be applied to evaluate life’s big questions.

9:30pm Finish


Full Day Workshop – Lunch Provided

$35 early-bird online registration or $45 at the door on the day

$20 for student, youth (under 18) & pastor (early-bird online registrations only)

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All Saturday attendees also receive a complimentary copy of the DVD Unlocking the Mystery of Life:

Unlocking the Mystery of Life DVD

9:00am Registration & Welcome
9:15am Lecture Three

God and the New Cosmology

In this talk Dr Myer examines the cosmological evidence for the existence of God – showing that the cause of the universe must transcend time, space, matter, and energy – supporting the idea of a transcendent creator of the Universe.

10:30pm Morning tea (coffee/tea provided)
11:00pm Lecture Four

The Fine-Tuning of the Universe: One God or Many Universes?

Physicists have discovered that the existence of life depends upon a highly improbable balance of physical factors, where the constants of physics and the initial conditions of the universe appear delicately balanced to allow for the possibility of life. This lecture explains this fine-tuning argument and addresses one of the most prominent objections to it.

12:00pm Lunch (provided at the venue)
1:00pm Lecture Five

Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence of Intelligent Design

Using colourful visual aids and video animations, Dr Meyer describes the fascinating discoveries of modern biology that have revealed the unexpected complexity of the cell’s information storage and processing systems. No theory of undirected evolution has been able to explain the origin of the digital information needed for life. Why? There is simply too much information in the cell to be explained by undirected processes alone.

2:00pm Afternoon tea (coffee/tea provided)
2:30pm Lecture Six

The Return of the God Hypothesis: Theism as an Inference to the Best Explanation

In his concluding lecture, Meyer surveys the different classes of evidence from the natural sciences — cosmology, physics, biochemistry and molecular biology — and uses the method of multiple competing hypotheses to show how a theistic worldview provides a better explanation for the full range of scientific discoveries than any other major worldview.

3:30pm Finish

Friday nights event is free – no registration required – just turn up.

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