Cold Case Christianty Bundle with Free Delivery

Cold Case Christianty for Kids – Christmas bundle special

We are excited to have just taken delivery of the following new-release for kids and tweens – just in time for Christmas!

Cold Case Christianity for KidsBetween the ages of 8 and 12, kids often start to wonder if Christianity is true. In Cold-Case Christianity young readers are drawn into the thrill of high-stakes investigation and taught “how to think, not just what to think”.

This is a children’s version of the bestselling book Cold-Case Christianity where detective Jim Wallace gets kids excited about testing witnesses, examining the evidence, and investigating the case for Christianity. Includes author illustrations and links to a website ( where kids can download activities, fill in case notes, and earn a certificate of merit.

Cold-Case Christianity for Kids follows the same chapter sequence as the adult version of the same book, so parents and children can discuss and explore the evidence together, chapter by chapter.

As of today there are 54 reviews for this new release on – with an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars – that’s quite impressive!

Cold Case Christianty Bundle with Free DeliveryWe would love to see these getting into Christmas stockings across New Zealand – so we have put together a special bundle deal of BOTH the adult version of this book (which is an easy ready also suitable for teens) AND the kids version for just $39 FREIGHT FREE if you order before Christmas!

Book Launch: Beyond the Law – Where Grace Abounds

Beyond the Law - Where Grace Abounds

If you are in Auckland on Saturday 4th September you may be interested in attending the Launch of a new book from Hope 2 Overcome Publishers by author Mike Butler.

Launch Info:

Saturday 4th September @ 7pm
Encounter Christian Centre
495 Rosebank Road Avondale
RSVP – Myan Subrayan / 021 507 149
Light refreshments will be served

NZ Release Date – 4th September 2010
RRP – $25 / Trade Paperback / 181pages
For all enquiries contact : Myan Subrayan
Tel: 021 507 149;

Backcover Blurb:

The Christian life can get pretty busy with many activities. Sometimes that busyness can lead to undue stress and pressure, even leading to the point where we feel:

• Burnt out in our Christian walk,
• Overwhelmed by church activities,
• Frustrated and hurt because we don’t measure up to someone else’s idea of what a ‘Christian’ should be.

In this book Michael Butler explores these difficult issues and brings a new perspective on how the demands of the Old Testament law should operate for believers who live under New Testament grace.

Beyond the Law – Where Grace Abounds is an insightful book that will help you discover liberty in your Christian life.

I highly recommend this book to all leaders and Christians seeking their identity and purpose in Christ to live ‘spirit filled’ lives.
Brent Douglas Senior Pastor Encounter Christian Centre

This book is a tremendous tool to help Christians make the transition from guilt- ridden, works-driven legalism, to a Spirit-empowered life in Christ.
Ken Legg, Senior Pastor – New Beginnings Christian Church Gold Coast, Australia

I encourage every Christian to read and understand the message of Kingdom reality that is so powerfully captured by this book.
Charles Kandregula, Retired Bible College Principal, Auckland, NZ

The Bible is clear that Jesus came to set us free. As Christians we have associated this freedom solely with being set free from sin – there is more to it. Yes, Jesus did come to set us free from sin and I am in no way doubting that. But there is more to the freedom that Jesus gives than meets the eye. Jesus also came to set us free from religion or legalism, which has crept into the Church.

His biggest “battles” were with the religious people at the time – the teachers of the Law. These religious people were known as the Pharisees and Sadducees. They were so religious that they debated whether swallowing their own spit on the Sabbath was work. Jesus did not take kindly to this lot and referred to them harshly: hypocrites, fools, vipers, blind guides.

About the Author:

Michael Butler was born and educated in London, but has lived in New Zealand with his wife Kay for over 35 years. They have three grown children. Michael has pastored, taught in Bible schools and travelled extensively. His passion is for teaching on the increase of God’s Kingdom.