Women and Apologetics

While it is exciting to see the contemporary resurgence of apologetics in the academy and among our youth, it is worth pondering which segments of society remain neglected and what we can do to promote and support the practice of apologetics in these areas.

Given this, it’s encouraging to see that Brian Auten is this week hosting a series of essays by members of the International Society of Women in Apologetics on the subject of women and apologetics. The discipline of apologetics isn’t something normally associated with women and that needs to change – after all, the apostle Peter’s injunction applies to all people.

Follow the series on the Apologetics315 blog here. Be sure to also check out the ISWA website here and find out how you can support the work of rising women apologists such as Sarah Ankenman and Mary Jo Sharp.

Free Online Book: Is Christianity True?

Earlier this year, Brian Auten at Apologetics 315 organized a collaboration between several apologetic websites and blogs on the topic Is Christianity True? The purpose of the project was to explain and defend the truth claims of the Christian worldview against various intellectual challenges. With over twenty essays in the series (including one by Matt Flannagan), it is a compelling introduction and example of apologetics in action. Today, Brian has helpfully released the series in a single ebook format:  Kindle Version | Mobi | ePub | PDF .

Here is a list of the individual essays:

Chris ReeseForeword
Brian AutenIntroduction
Tawa AndersonDoes God Exist?
Jim WallaceThe Best Explanation
Wes WidnerCoherent, Consistent & Livable
Richard GerhardtThe Failure of Naturalism
Bob PerryDefrocking the Priests of Scientism
Peter GriceOrthogonal Complexity
Chad GrossCumulative Reasons for Christianity
Shelby CadeProphecy and Resurrection
Luke NixMaking Sense of the Resurrection
Aaron BrakeThe Facts of the Resurrection
Amy HallThe Historical Event of the Resurrection
James Patrick HoldingThe Impossible Faith
Stephen J. Bedard – Christianity and Other Ancient Religions
Anthony HorvathChristianity Proved by the Nature of the Jewish Nation
Mariano GrinbankThe Euthyphro Dichotomy
Marcus McElhaneyChristianity is Objectively True
Vocab Malone / Paul D. AdamsThe Gospels Tell Me So
Glenn HendricksonChristianity Explains Logic
Brian ColónAtheism: A Falsified Hypothesis
Kyle Deming – Testing Christianity’s Core Truth Claims
Matthew FlannaganShowing Christianity is True
Brian AutenThe Wise Man Seeks God

Matt Flannagan interviewed on Apologetics 315

Brian Auten, of the great apologetics resource website Apologetics 315, has just posted his interview with Christian philosopher and blogger Matt Flannagan. Brian regularly hosts prominent apologists from around the world to discuss their work and ministry(see this page for some of his recent guests) and it’s great to see Matt getting some exposure.

In this interview, Matt talks about how he got into philosophy of religion, the topic of Genocide and the Canaanites, his recent debate on morality with Raymond Bradley, the benefits of public debate, and much more.

Download the full audio file here.