2016 Confident Christianity Conference is coming

Confident Christianity Conference

We are excited to announce that this year our Confident Christianity Conference will be hosted in both Auckland (at Windsor Park Baptist Church) and Christchurch (at Rutland Street Church):

AUCKLAND: Friday 29th and Saturday 30th April

CHRISTCHURCH: Friday 6th and Saturday 7th May

Alan ShlemonThis year our keynote speaker is Alan Shlemon from Stand to Reason.  Alan is a professional speaker who has dedicated his life to training Christians – both young and old – to thoughtfully articulate their faith and values.  He is a dynamic and entertaining speaker who speaks to thousands of adults and students around the world at churches, conferences and on university campuses on some of the most difficult challenges of our day such as evolution, abortion, relativism, homosexuality, euthanasia, cloning, bio-ethics, and Islam.

Our other speakers include Mark Powell, Matthew Flannagan, David Riddell and many others.

Check here for full conference details and a list of conference topics

We rely heavily on word of mouth to get people along – so please tell your friends about this!

Darwin was Wrong – Conference and Webcast

I have recently been listening to some dialog on the topic of Creation and Evolution, and have generally found it very frustrating. It seems to me that the proponents of each view are, on the whole, talking past each other. Creationists say transitional fossils, claimed necessary by Darwin himself for his theory, are largely missing. Evolutionists on the other hand concede that they are missing (Gould) or that they are not missing (various people), both of which support evolution. My plea — can we please have definitions spelled out clearly before these discussions, and can we have the evidence honestly put in front of our eyes. Hand-waving arguments are just not sufficient! Anyways…

This conference — full of PhDs — looks like it might be a bit interesting.  I hope they release the MP3s or videos online.