Five Reasons To Study Church History

James Detrich:

1. It helps us to provide a more reasonable account of what we believe.
2. It reminds us of the community of faith.
3. It helps us to understand which beliefs are central to our faith.
4. It assists us in interpreting the Bible.
5. It demonstrates that God is working through and among His people.

You can read his explanation of each point here.

[HT: Wintery Knight]

The History of Hell

The Christian History Institute, publisher of Christian History magazine, has produced a brief survey and resource guide on the history of Christian thought about hell. Given the current debate about hell, it is a helpful resource.

You can view or download the pdf here.

Building Theological Castles

Last time I gave three key terms (doctrine, theology, and world view) with an analogy (a brick, a wall, and a castle) to help you think about them. Today, I want to show you three different methods to building castles.

The first method is called Historical Theology. This looks at Christian doctrines down through the ages, how they have been formulated and developed over the past two millennia. It will include studying the thought of famous theologians like Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, Calvin, and Barth, etc. One disadvantage of this approach is it presupposes you already have some background knowledge of scripture. Without this background knowledge this method can be like building a castle without blueprints – you are likely to miss large sections of load-bearing walls, and have to demolish and rebuild continually as you discover more. Read more