An Interview with William Lane Craig

Stoic TV, the student television station at Imperial College, recently interviewed the Christian philosopher during his October visit to the UK. In the discussion, Craig talks about his journey into philosophy, whether his arguments leave any room for faith, if he enjoys writing, the purpose behind his speaking tours, and more.

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An Interview with Douglas Groothius

Stan Guthrie talks to Philosophy Professor Douglas Groothius about his new book, Christian Apologetics: A Comprehensive Case for Biblical Faith. Groothius also discusses cultural engagement, the impact of cyberspace on thinking, and the greatest challenges today in Christian apologetics.

Paul Helm on Philosophical Theology

Credo Magazine has a helpful interview with Paul Helm on the nature of philosophical theology and its purpose in the life of the church.

Here’s an excerpt:

[pk_box width=”600″ align=”center”]“Is Philosophical Theology important for the church today? Why?”

“It’s important that those who have responsibilities in the church should reflect on what they say, link it to the great Christian tradition of the relationship between church and culture. Otherwise we make mistakes, we unintentionally might talk nonsense. (‘At the Cross, God died’; ‘I prayed so hard, and God changed his mind’.) We need to know what our message means, and also what it does not mean. This requires continuous Bible study and theological reflection, but we also need to reflect on our theology. Theology is not just a game, but a serious business. For all these tasks some understanding of philosophical theology can help.”[/pk_box]

Read the whole thing here.

Source: Paul Manata and Patrick Chan

Woody Allen and Billy Graham Talk Religion, Morality, and Sex

It’s hard to imagine a more fascinating encounter. Two men, from worlds that couldn’t be further apart, met together on national television in front of a live audience. One, a New York comedian and playwright who, in many ways, represented a culture of nihilism, instant gratification, and neurotic self-focus. The other, a revivalist evangelical preacher born on a dairy farm in North Carolina.

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Decades later, Woody Allen would later reflect on their meeting in 1969:

“Years ago I was on television with Billy Graham and I was taking this position, this bleak outlook position and Billy Graham was saying to me that even if I was right and he was wrong, and there was no meaning to life and it was a bleak experience and there was no god and no afterlife or no hope or anything, he would still have a better life than me, because he believed differently and even if he was 100 percent wrong, our lives would both be completed and I would have had a miserable life wallowing in a bleak outlook and he would have had a wonderful life, confident that there was more.”

[via Denny Burk]


Matt Flannagan interviewed on Apologetics 315

Brian Auten, of the great apologetics resource website Apologetics 315, has just posted his interview with Christian philosopher and blogger Matt Flannagan. Brian regularly hosts prominent apologists from around the world to discuss their work and ministry(see this page for some of his recent guests) and it’s great to see Matt getting some exposure.

In this interview, Matt talks about how he got into philosophy of religion, the topic of Genocide and the Canaanites, his recent debate on morality with Raymond Bradley, the benefits of public debate, and much more.

Download the full audio file here.

R.C. Sproul Interviews Stephen Meyer

Ligonier Ministries have uploaded several videos on YouTube of R.C. Sproul in conversation with Stephen Meyer, author of the book Signature in the Cell. They discuss philosophy, evolution, education, Intelligent Design, and other issues.

The interview is in five parts.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5: