Should Christians dislike the doctrine of hell?

Some wise counsel from Kevin DeYoung:

“It’s never safe to dislike the truths God has revealed. We should actually like what the Bible teaches. We may struggle to get there–we may not immediately resonate with the hard parts of the Bible–but the goal is to get to the place where we can. The law of the Lord should be our delight. We should tremble under the word of God, not begrudgingly accept it. Hell is a hard doctrine to embrace, but God sends people to hell for his glory…”

“…God is good and his ways are always right. It is a measure of our maturity that we not only affirm the truth of God’s word but rest in the goodness and rightness of it. Christians should have anguish in heart at the thought of eternal suffering, but we should also see the glory of God in the Bible’s teaching on eternal punishment.”

Read the whole thing here.

Is Hell a Vital Doctrine?

Biola Magazine has a good interview with Ashish Naidu, assistant professor of theology at Biola’s Talbot School of Theology, on some of the recent challenges to the doctrine of hell.