How Could a Good God Allow Earthquakes?

Compassion for New Zealand has come from the Reasons to Believe team in America. Astrophysicist Dr Jeffery Zweerink explains that the first response to tragedies like the Christchurch earthquake should be that of empathy, aid and support. He then explains that an academic question remains; how could a good God allow it? His answer to the latter is summarized by the following.

(1) The Bible narrative explains that this world is not a perfect world, but that God has created it for the purpose of bringing about a perfect creation and defeating evil. The natural-scientific narrative gives a story which aligns with this, beginning in an environment that is hostile to life, and changing into an enviroment that is able to host an abundance of life.

(2) Why there are earthquakes.

(3) How the history of the earth provides evidence to show that the development and sustenance of life on the planet is dependent upon these destructive processes, but that these destructive processes are finely-tuned in a way to minimize their destructiveness as much as possible.

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How Could a Good God Allow Earthquakes?

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Scientist may have found how life began

On May 14th this year (2009) Reasons to Believe responded to two articles in the popular press. The first from the New York Times; “Chemist finds hidden gateway to RNA” and the second from Fox News; “Scientist may have found how life began.” The following is a transcript of their pod-cast Science News Flash with Joe Aguirre (JA) and Dr. Fuzale Rana (FR or “Fuzz”). Bracketed numbers are mine. Accurate transcript apart from a few omitted dead words.

JA: That’s a provocative title, and this is a headline grabbing discovery that you want to talk to us about.

FR: It is. This discovery was prompted by a paper published in today’s [May 14th] issue of Nature. A team of scientists in the Manchester University of England who discovered a novel prebiotic chemical route to generating building block materials that people think were critical for establishing the origin of life in an evolutionary perspective. This is very interesting, very exciting work, because not only have they discovered what they think to be a novel prebiotic route (to these building block materials) but their way of approaching the whole origin of life problem is radically different than anything that’s been done before. This is considered to be a ground-breaking study in that it is really going to overturn the paradigm – or at least they way people approach the paradigm (again from an evolutionary stand-point). So a real exciting discovery – excellent work experimentally speaking – and of pretty broad ranging significance, not only to the origin of life question, but also to the creation/evolution controversy. So hopefully we can un-package that. Read more