180: The Good and the Not-So-Good

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Produced by Living Waters, 180 is a documentary showing Ray Comfort talking to people about the issue of abortion. By comparing the destruction of the unborn to the Holocaust, Comfort shows the inconsistency of supporting abortion while opposing the the Nazi’s extermination of 6 million Jews during World War II.

In a post at the Life Training Institute Blog, Pro-life apologist Scott Klusendorf offers his thoughts on the film:

What the documentary gets right:

1. The film casts the abortion issue as a human rights issue.
2. The film correctly states that moral conclusions (i.e., abortion is wrong) should impact how we vote.
3. The film correctly states that discussions about abortion often lead to larger (theological) questions about human sinfulness and the gospel as the remedy.
4. The film challenges the fear of engaging unbelievers.

What the documentary neglects:

1. The distinction between people in the film (Venice Beach?) and the public at large.
2. The distinction between shouting a conclusion and establishing one.
3. The distinction between killing a “baby” and unjustly killing human beings.
4. The distinction between voting for pro-life candidates and voting pro-life.
5. The distinction between intentional killing and killing that is merely foreseen.

Read the post for his explanation of each point.

Update: Justin Taylor also offers a careful analysis of the documentary that is worth reading.

Klusendorf and Strossen Debate Abortion

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Scott Klusendorf is the President of Life Training Institute and author of the excellent book, The Case for Life. Nadine Strossen is the former President of the ACLU. The debate was held on 15 April at Westmont College.

[HT: Randy Alcorn and Justin Taylor]