Auckland Event: Introduction to Apologetics with Stuart McEwing

Earlier this year, I ran an apologetics course for beginners. By popular demand, I will be running this again for the next school term, beginning on May 7. There are no course fees. Your only expense is the course textbook.

All are welcome, even those who are skeptical about Christianity. Each lesson can be understood on its own, so feel free to come to any night that interests you. Of course, to get the full benefit of the course and see the cumulative case for Christianity properly developed, I’d recommend attending all.

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Thinking Matters Equip

A practical training bulletin sent four times per year for free

Our new Thinking Matters Equip is posted out for free to those who want to be better equipped to engage culture with the truth of Jesus Christ.

Key Points:

  • Each issue will focus on a specific topic or area of Christian apologetics and worldview.
  • A main editorial will be written by top international apologist – such as Greg Koukl from Stand to Reason.
  • It will include small-group discussion questions so it can be a resource for small groups.
  • It will include recommended further study: Books, DVDs, websites, blogs and YouTube clips.
  • We will publish a matching blog post on our website so you can discuss the content online.
  • We will include announcements about coming events and other ministry news.

Best of all – this is our gift to you!  Sorry – available only in New Zealand.