Thinking Matters is a New Zealand ministry that exists to encourage the life of the mind in the love of God.

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About Our Ministry

Thinking Matters is a ministry founded in 2008 to encourage and support the defense of Christianity in New Zealand.

While modern life can be crowded with countless distractions, we believe that the pursuit of truth in religion and life is essential for all human thought and flourishing. Without truth, we cannot negotiate reality or handle life. Our hope is to contribute to the transformation and renewal of New Zealand society by facilitating conversation and reflection around issues that matter most. To achieve this, we seek to provide access to resources and events that inspire thinking and especially thinking about the person and message of Jesus Christ.

  • Engaging Culture with the truth of Christianity

    Our hope is to provide an intelligent, reasoned voice for Christianity in the public square.

  • Equipping Christians to Defend their Faith

    We want to help prepare the next generation of Christians to be ready to explain and defend the gospel in a way that is gracious and loving.

  • Encouraging the Church to Think More Deeply

    We want to resource the church in meeting the intellectual, moral, and spiritual issues of our day.