Thinking Matters is a ministry that encourages New Zealand Christians to think more deeply about what they believe and why they believe it, so they can present the Christian faith as both rational and true.

The Future of Western Values

Examining the Foundations of Christian Values in the Public Square

Ravi Zacharias Auckland 2017

Auckland – One event only

Friday March 3rd – 7:30pm

Including special guests Mark Powell and John Peachy

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We apologise the flyers and posters for this event mistakenly quoted 2016 in the date. We assure you the event is this year – not last year! Sorry about that.

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About Thinking Matters

Thinking Matters is a New Zealand Christian ministry that exists to encourage the life of the mind in the love of God.


  • Equip

    Christians with the reasons for believing Christianity

  • Encourage

    followers of Christ to boldly share their faith

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