What is Thinking Matters?

Thinking Matters is a New Zealand Christian ministry that exists to encourage the life of the mind in the love of God. Our aim is to contribute to the transformation and renewal of New Zealand society by facilitating conversation and reflection around issues that matter most.

What we do

Founded in 2008, Thinking Matters today has regional branches all over New Zealand – in Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington and Christchurch.  We also have campus-based apologists at Auckland University and Waikato University.

We partner with churches, ministries and individuals to form a network of professional and lay apologists throughout New Zealand.

Our Purpose

  • Train Believers to share and defend their faith.
  • Build Conviction with the confidence of why we believe in Christ.
  • Encourage Christians to love God with all their minds.
  • Engage Worldviews and the questions and challenges they raise.
  • Transform Culture with the truth of Christianity.

What We Do

  • Provide resources and speakers to churches and small groups.
  • Run training events at churches and universities.
  • Build and support a national network of Christian apologists.
  • Publicly engage with the culture, providing an articulate, intelligent voice for the Church.

Thinking Matters - How We Do It

Our Mission: Inspiring Thinking for the Common Good

As Christians we are committed to the good news of what God has done to rescue humanity in Jesus Christ. If Christianity is true, we believe there is something worse than death and something far more valuable than life at stake in thinking.

We want to encourage others to see that the claims of Christianity are more than worthy of reflection, but credible to believe and capable of intellectual justification. Jesus Christ does not invite us trust him mindlessly or without good reason, but shows Himself trustworthy in his life, death, and resurrection. These are public claims about public events that occurred in history, open to rational scrutiny and investigation.

Christianity does not claim to be true or relevant because it works; it works because it is true

While modern life can offer countless distractions and disincentives to thinking, we believe that the pursuit of truth in religious and public life is essential for all human thought and flourishing. How we think, and especially, how we think about the nature of reality and purpose of life shape the way we live and the people we become. Without truth, we cannot know ourselves, negotiate reality, or handle life. We want to work towards cultivating a respectful and civil public square where citizens of all beliefs – whether atheist, agnostic, or religious – are free to enter and engage these great questions.

Statement of Faith

Our Statement of Faith can be found here.