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Confident Christianity Conference

Can you give both intellectually and emotionally satisfying answers to tough questions about God and Jesus? Can you represent Christ’s message in a reasonable and compassionate way, even in the face of doubt and skepticism?

Confident Christianity Conference – our annual premier conference – is packed full of top international and local speakers who will equip you with the tools to sensitively and skilfully respond to the biggest objections Christians encounter today.

Become equipped to live a confident, yet gracious, everyday faith.

  • Be equipped with skills and knowledge for God conversations with your friends.
  • Be encouraged in struggles with doubts about your faith.
  • Get answers to some of the most common questions non-believers ask about your Christian faith.
  • Be motivated to engage others in conversations about God.

Confident Christianity is not an academic-level or overly-intellectual conference. We aim to have presentations with a balanced mix of teaching, training and encouragement to impact both the head and the heart.

Unshaken Youth Conference

In today’s society, and as culture rapidly shifts around us, we’re constantly faced with new waves of challenges and conversations that challenge our faith. It is more important than ever for us, as Christians, to find clarity and confidence in what we believe as topics such as, the value of human life, sexual identity and God’s ultimate truth are being questioned.

Unshaken is a conference for youth (age 13-18 years) designed to ignite the Christian imagination, and empower us to understand why Christianity is not only believable but also desirable. We’re bringing together speakers, artists and performers to explore the tools we need to become salt and light in our spheres of influence. Join us as we explore the hard questions and learn how to navigate culture together!

Faith & Culture Forum

There are many cultural issues Christians find difficult to navigate and give thoughtful, compassionate, and biblical answers to. The Faith and Culture Forum is a one-day event with some of New Zealand’s best speakers on current cultural issues. Our speakers will equip you with answers to some of the toughest questions facing Christians in New Zealand today, leaving you with greater confidence to enter into the hard conversations of our times from a Christian perspective. The Forum differs from Confident Christianity by have just six sessions presented by three speakers over one day.

Speak Up Workshop

As Christian apologists, it’s not enough simply to know facts, statistics and arguments – we also need to make the truths we share come alive in relevant and powerful ways. We seek to captivate our audience not only by the truth, but also the beauty of the Christian message.

Our SPEAK UP Persuasive Communication Workshops are for those who want to teach apologetics and worldview in captivating and persuasive ways. We want to help you become a more compelling, confident and engaging communicator – so you can more effectively teach others to reach people with the truth of Christianity.

Free Online Conference

Watch the best Thinking Matters presentations from the last five years for free.

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Local Groups

Thinking Matters partners around the country run monthly groups in center’s around New Zealand – if you are interested in refining your skills and knowledge in defending your faith, find your nearest group on the map linked below and click ‘Upcoming events’ to see the details for the next even in your area.